Don't Steal, Didn't Your Mother Tell You?

We'll be your alien conquerers today.

Don't Steal Video
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To provide conquest over online movie creation plagiarism.


You as our user must understand how this community is meant to watch the movie creation arena in order to seed out potential threats to your work. We as the maintainers posses no LEGAL authority or RIGHTS over the copyrighted material you use in the creations.

We do not own. We do not FIGHT. And we are not your lawyer! Use us at your own risk.

Realize not all cases will be resolved in the outcome you expected but by using this service you will allow us to be the mediator. You will relinquish all personal contact with the offender. By asking the persons who run the community to interfere you lose the right to start an all out war.

M i s s i o n Statement

o Increase the profile of plagiarism, make clear its definition -intentional stealing of another person's work- and reinforce the fact that plagiarism is theft.

o Provide a forum by which plagiarists can be made known to the fandom as a whole.

o Reduce plagiarism in the future.

Guidelines For Exposure Of A P l a g i a r i s t.

Investigate. If you suspect a video to be plagiarized, please --

o Check the suspected clips with a watch over of the original video.

o Contact the original vidder about your suspicions, to make sure that they aren't the same person using different aliases.

Report to the community by doing the following --

o State the circumstances of the suspected plagiarism.

o Give proof. This is preferably in the form of both a link to and clip list of the original video and the copy, though a link alone is okay. In both cases, the video should be the earliest known edition of the work from that vidder, and, if possible, the page should contain the date of publication.

Summarize your investigation so far. This is preferably with copies of email content and-or IM conversations, though these do not necessarily need to be made public.

o Provide a contact address for the suspected plagiarist, for example an email address or IM username and-or number. This does not need to be made public if you do not wish it to be.

Points to think about before you post --

o False accusations will not be tolerated. All posts are screened by default, and so this will be to no effect. Abusers of this community will be banned.

What constitutes a false accusation is --

o Posting about something that you know to be untrue, and is unsupportable.

o Posting without any prior investigation, ie. an accusation as opposed to reporting a suspicion. Note that this still stands as a false accusation even if it later becomes known to be true.

o This is not a witch-hunt. We are not here to mindlessly condemn or attack people. All claims must be supported through investigation, and this must be carried out in a calm manner. Members of this community are expected to be courteous at all times, though not necessarily pleasant. What counts as 'discourteous' remains at the discretion of the moderators.

Having said that, this is, among other things, a community for support. If you meet problems in your investigation, we will help, as we will should you come 'under fire'.

A f t e r You've Reported A Case, A Moderator Will..

Check over the situation.

Supplement any proof required, for example, any missing clips.

Contact the plagiarist, giving them a chance to defend themselves and outlining the potential consequences.

Take action against the plagiarist by --

o Add their various pseudonyms to the List of "Convicted" Plagiarists for one year. This time can be reduced or extended, as regards the behavior of the plagiarist.

o Contact archives where the plagiarized video is hosted.

If your name is on the list below, my personal advice is to create a new alias, and start over. Any alias that you create after the date below will not be listed -unless there is an offense made under that alias-, and you will, therefore, be left alone.


List Of C o n v i c t e d Plagiarists
Person's on our list remain so FOR A YEAR. Unless otherwise noted.

>> Stophppytime (alias is a Youtube account)
4/17/08-- As of today, this alias still exists.

>> ManX (alias is a Youtube account)
6/27/08-- As of today, this alias is inactive.